Does The 2020 MacBook Air Have An Overheating Problem?

You have been excited by looking at the exciting prices of the new Macbook Air 2020 which comes with M1. However, since you came to know it doesn’t have a fan you have been worried about it being a hot-plate; then you are in the right place. We’ll look at the thermals under heavy load and normal conditions and tell you if you need to be worried so let’s get into it and find out that really MacBook air M1 overheat or not.



We must talk about the M1 CPU inside of the new Macbook. This is one of the more powerful CPU’s out there being 3.5X times faster than your i7 8th generation processor. Now, we know that powerful chips suck more power and get hotter. However, this new Apple chip is totally different. Its peak power consumption is 10W as compared to 45W for your high spec i7 10th gen processor. Hence, the heating issues due to heavy current are greatly reduced from the get-go. Also, seeing the benchmarks:

Air:7539 vs    i7-10750H: 5536. (Geekbench)

There is no compromise on performance either.

How long does it take Macbook Air 2020 to heat and thermal throttle?

We started the test with a recorded temperature of 28.4 Celsius.

Now, we began to run Cinebench R23 in loops and the result and temperature after every time the test finishes are as follows:

  1. Score:7401 Temperature: 31 Celsius
  2. Score:6735 Temperature: 34 Celsius
  3. Score:6653 Temperature: 34.5 Celsius
  4. Score:6313 Temperature: 35 Celsius
  5. Score:6384 Temperature: 35 Celsius

Hence, we can see that the temperature rose to about 35 Celsius but never went beyond that.

Although, it was winter but even in summers one can expect to see a max of 40 Celsius which is still relatively cool and definitely not uncomfortable.

Also, if you are bothered by the score then don’t be. It stayed around the 6380 mark even after repeated testing which is still in the same league as Ryzen 7 and i7 counterparts.

Effect on the final performance

The final performance is expected to remain very fast and should be able to able to sustain this for long periods of time without any issue.


The Macbook Air 2020 is the best value offering in Q4 2020. It can put many powerful laptops to shame along with minimal heating and over 5 times true battery life.

So, I hope I covered all Macbook Air related heating issues but if you still have something bothering you then please head over to our comments sections and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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